Odessa Mayor's Comments Played Upon Antisemtic Tropes, Thankfully He Apologized

We're not going to waste too much time on this because the guy already said he was sorry and the whole thing is a "controversy" that might not even get your grandpa thrown in Facebook jail

Here's the word . . . And what many people heard that, justifiably, sparked anger . . .

"They are not trying to J** anybody or anybody like that,” Mayor Wright said. “But if you're going to get rid of more trash, Republic has to push the price on down the line."

Again . . . We're not writing out the whole thing . . . 

The letters that are missing are likely "EW" which makes sense because that kind of talk in a public meeting is gross. 

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New video shows antisemitic remark that led to apology from Odessa, Mo., mayor

KMBC 9 Investigates is learning more about the antisemitic comments made by the Mayor of Odessa, Mo. Mayor Stephen Wright made the comments during a board meeting this week. The City of Odessa removed the video, so KMBC Investigates filed a Sunshine request to see what happened.