Nonprofit Prog Blog Kansas Reflector Proclaims Independence & Begs For Money

To be fair . . . Groveling to readers for cash is the new profit model for American journalism. 

However . . . The best of the best have at least offered a tote-bag in return.

In the meantime . . . This progressive news outlet shares a story of their success and then subtly points readers to a link where they can give more money.

The informative part of the post . . . A peek at their non-profit key to sustainability that doesn't require living in their mom's basement . . .

"Where do you all find the financial security to do this work? We primarily receive support from our national parent nonprofit, States Newsroom. You can read a list of supporters who contributed more than $500 (as well as the organization’s tax returns) right here. We are also beyond fortunate to receive support from Kansas Reflector readers across the state, who have made the decision to invest in news they read and value.

"Let me also make a couple of points clear, in case anyone wonders. I have never been told what to write about, or how to write about it. I have never been told what columns from contributors to select or turn down. Those on the news side enjoy similar independence."

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Kansas Reflector serves this state's people. No one else. - Kansas Reflector

As Kansas Reflector staff traveled across the Sunflower State this year, one set of audience questions stuck with me. We appreciate Kansas Reflector and its coverage, audience members said. But can you keep doing this? Do you have readers? Are you successful enough to keep going? I appreciate both the compliments and the concern.