Newspaper Denounces JoCo Sheriff Hayden & Kansas GOP Leadership

Back in reality . . . Assuring clean & fair elections isn't such controversial goal.

Moreover, from our vantage that's skeptical of EVERYTHING that people say . . . 

It seems that the local "paper-of-record" has a difficult time distinguishing election season politicking from more serious investigative work . . . If anything, some of the "reporting" suggests that stump speeches don't have much in common with the real work that law enforcement performs and THAT is somewhat reassuring.

However . . . Here's the bombastic money line from the newspaper that reads more like partisan talking points than journalistic opinion . . .

The Johnson County sheriff is just one more Kansas Republican who has overpromised and under-delivered on claims of election fraud in recent years.

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach has made a career out of the issue — at both the state and national levels — famously co-chairing Trump’s commission that investigated nonexistent wrongdoing in the 2016 election. (You know: The election Trump actually won.) Naturally, it didn’t find anything and disbanded. And the Kansas Republican Party’s current chairman is Mike Brown, the 2020 election-denying former Johnson County commissioner and Hayden ally who last year lost his attempt to win the GOP nomination for Kansas Secretary of State.

Like those men, Hayden has failed Kansans by raising false and unnecessary doubts — along with Johnson County taxpayer dollars — about the integrity of the state’s elections. Kobach and Brown have been rewarded for their misguided efforts with positions of great political responsibility in the Sunflower State.

Will Hayden similarly benefit from his fruitless crusade? Shouldn’t he pay some sort of professional penalty?

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Sheriff Hayden wasted Johnson County's time and money chasing Trump's election lies | Opinion

It's not a surprise, but still warrants public notice: Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden's effort to ferret out election fraud in Kansas is officially a huge, wasteful flop.