NHL Coyotes NOT Coming To Kansas City But That Doesn't Stop Dead-Tree Hype

The paper imagining a rumor that city hall helped to create . . .

"Larry Brooks of the New York Post said the NHL won’t be in a hurry to have the Coyotes move to another city. “The league will not leap to relocate the franchise when doing so might eliminate a potential expansion destination that could produce an entry fee of between $750 million and $1 billion that would be shared exclusively among the owners,” Brooks wrote."

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A graphic designer created uniform and logo concepts if Coyotes move to Kansas City

A day after voters in Tempe, Arizona, rejected plans for a Phoenix Coyotes arena, fans in Kansas City made it clear last week they'd love to see the NHL team play at the T-Mobile Center. The Coyotes aren't poised to move out of the desert just yet.