MSNBC Seyz Missouri Republicans 'Demoralize' Progressive Voters

Sure . . . Super-minority status for what looks like a generation can be a bummer . . . But this passage and report we stumbled upon offers a very depressing view of red state life in the midst of petition crackdown.

Check-it . . .

"Republicans could have adjusted their extreme policies to better align with voters; instead, they decided it was easier to make voters matter less. In an ironic twist, each of these attacks on direct democracy must be voted on by the very people whose voices Republicans hope to silence. Demoralizing red state Democrats will be a critical part of the GOP playbook. After all, demoralized people don’t vote. "

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Opinion | Missouri Republicans' latest plan to silence voters who oppose them

Last week, the Missouri Legislature moved two bills forward that, if passed, would almost guarantee progressive ballot measures never become law - even if they win a majority vote. The GOP's vision for the future is a dark one, in which liberal voters are gerrymandered into political irrelevance federally, while being effectively denied the ability to propose ballot initiatives or even amend their state constitutions.