Local Trans Activists Disavow Drugs & Surgeries On Youngsters

An interesting conversation with locals about political worries, regulatory language and culture war talking points from many sides of the debate . . . Check-it:

It was hard to get anyone from any Kansas City-area hospital on camera to talk about their programs, because they're so fearful of potential attacks that would put their patients in danger.

We were able speak to a physician on the phone who specializes in gender-affirming care for adults and has extensive knowledge on care for minors.

This doctor has worked in internal medicine for 20 years. We are not naming the doctor or the institution because theyre worried about being targeted.

The doctor said no child is getting medication before puberty and no child under 18 is getting surgery; its just not something doctors are doing here.

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Trans leaders say bills in Kansas, Missouri targeting LGBTQ community are creating problem that doesn't exist

Note: KSHB 41 investigator Sarah Plake is covering the impact of several bills targeting the LGBTQ community. This story will air on May 4 and 5. Watch KSHB 41 and check back on this web story later this week for both parts of the story.