Local Control: Kansas City 'Trans Sanctuary' ALMOST Explained

Once again politics takes precedence over the enforcement of laws as Mayor & Council push forward a controversial bit of civil disobedience by way of a recent resolution under consideration. 

For anyone who MIGHT get a bit too excited about all of this . . . Rest assured, the resolution is not worth the paper it might printed on and is IN NO WAY LEGALLY BINDING.

Still . . .

In theory . . . Here's what Mayor & Council hope to accomplish . . .

In the case of a statewide ban on gender-affirming care, this resolution instructs the city not to prosecute organizations for providing care or individuals for receiving it. The city also would not participate in arresting or detaining anyone for these reasons.

City personnel would be instructed not to provide any information, such as medical records, to another county or state if that information is to be used to help find or prosecute someone for providing or receiving gender-affirming care.

“If at some point the ban goes into effect, we’re not going to do anything as a city to either prosecute at this level or to help in the prosecution,” 6th District At-Large council member Andrea Bough said. “We’re not going to make it easy.”

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Leaders want to make KC a safe haven for trans health care

For the past year, transgender people in Missouri and their families have been shuttling back and forth to the capitol in Jefferson City to testify against legislation aimed at banning gender-affirming health care.