KK Celebrates AOC Takedown

This town's top sports podcaster indulges in a bit of social media slap fighting . . . Here's the setup:

"Ted Cruz may have executed the greatest Twitter takedown of a dem ever and it wasn't a fair fight.  When you have facts about the dem party's history with black Americans and you're sparring with AOC, it should be easy."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

It's On for Ron, Target Wears Bullseye, Lib Rocker Slams Libs, Cruz Decimates AOC, Golf Coach Rips Media, KU Preseason #1 | Kevin Kietzman Has Issues

Ron DeSantis makes it official, he's running for president. How it all plays out is anyone's guess but I can promise you this... it's going to get wild very quickly. Target Corporation is trying to avoid getting "Bud Lighted" by Conservatives. Good luck with that.