Karen Crusades To Save Us From 'White Shaming' Shawnee Mission Schools

Actually . . .

There's a theory that "Karen" is a racist trope against white women

However . . . Most white dudes also find the meme hilarious . . . We're not sure there's a consensus . . . And so the jokes will continue if only because our dating life has shown us that white ladies are the most forgiving, thoughtful and wonderful souls on the planet. God bless them all for low expectations and a pathologically innate desire to set the world right.

But I digress . . . 

Here's a worthwhile roundup of our "Kansas City Metro Karen of the Week" who almost made a difference in local public education . . . Until she didn't and lost most of her support when she couldn't speak publicly without invoking the cringe-y "wake up white people" mantra that didn't even work in the 90s. 

Call it the white man's burden . . . But the "prophets or rage" are going to have to be a bit more subtle before they're ready for prime time . . . Or else they're just preaching to the choir.

Take a peek . . .

She’s frustrated that teachers are forced to attend diversity training sessions. In her piece published in The Lion, she claims teachers are expected to deliver messages rooted in "critical race theory" and white privilege.

She spoke out against the district for "repeated white shaming" and a "woke ideology."

“The decisiveness of the (diversity, equity and inclusion) message is prompting a culture of contempt in the building, which is intolerable for many of us who work there and have worked there for a long time,” Sullivan said Thursday.

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Shawnee Mission teacher alleges district forces 'woke' curriculum

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - One Johnson County school teacher said classroom instructors have become miserable. That high school teacher, Caedran Sullivan, is drawing criticism after writing an op-ed piece for the conservative news site The Lion, saying Shawnee Mission School District teachers are being forced to promote left-wing politics to students.