Kansas Prog Blog Denounces Christian 'Hate Group' Attacks On LGBT Community

Here's the thing . . .

We've got NO PROBLEM with advocacy from either side on all things political. 

But this "news organization" pretends to practice JOURNALISM and even garners (worthless) awards when, in fact, they're a partisan political organization wearing a not-so-clever disguise . . . Here's today's example . . .

Kansas Reflector is examining the influence of religious beliefs on state government through a series of stories.

The role of religion in attacks on the LGBTQ community is evident in the hate group that writes legislation, debate among lawmakers, and a secret audio recording from a March 2 meeting of Republicans in Hutchinson.

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Church and state: Kansas Republicans target 'imminently exploitable' LGBTQ community - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Shouting into a bullhorn from the south steps of the Capitol, Rep. Tobias Schlingensiepen told a throng of transgender kids: "You belong here." The Topeka pastor assured them they have allies in the Statehouse who were working to change the minds of transphobic politicians. "But you gotta help us out," Schlingensiepen said.