Kansas Prairie Chicken Fair Game Postscript

A quick update on Sunflower State wildlife debate . . . Prez Biden attempted to flex on farmers using this local critter as a way to push climate change legislation.

Now here's the result of push back from the Senate and the controversial chicken back in play . . .

"The lesser prairie chicken listing will do little to benefit the bird, but it will succeed in shutting down the voluntary conservation work that is responsible for the species surviving today. NCBA thanks Senator Marshall for his leadership on this issue, and we appreciate the support of those in the Senate who are listening to the concerns of farmers, ranchers and local officials," said NCBA Policy Division Chair Gene Copenhaver. "This resolution puts flexible, locally led conservation efforts back at the forefront. The Biden administration's actions to list the bird, micromanage grazing operations on private lands, and implement a top-down approach will not benefit the bird or the land."

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Kansas Senator Praises Vote to Overturn Lesser Prairie Chicken Listing

In a press call Thursday, Marshall, a Republican, said the listing by FWS reflects that the Biden administration is attacking oil-and-gas production, as well as farming and ranching in rural America and the ability to transmit renewable energy power from wind as well. "It does more than just impact the oil-and-gas industry.