Kansas Guv Kelly & Rep. Sharice Davids Push E15 Fuel As Gas Prices Rise Again

Generally . . .

TKC and a lot of smart people both conservative & progressive think that using food for fuel is wasteful, immoral and sets a dangerous precedent. 

Here's a more elaborate breakdown of the benefits & costs . . .

The pluses of that are outlined in press releases from the governor and the representative.

From (Governor) Kelly: “With inflation still burdening our families and workers, it is essential that Kansans have a less expensive alternative fuel option to get to work, drive their kids to school or travel across our great state.”

And from (Rep.) Davids: “Folks are already dealing with high costs right now, and this emergency waiver lowers the cost of gas while also supporting local agricultural producers and reducing our country’s dependence on foreign oil supply.”

That’s all true, as far as it goes. E15 is a dime or so cheaper than ordinary fuel at the pump, stretches gasoline supplies and does support Midwest growers who can sell more corn to make ethanol.

But there’s a downside to E15 that the government and the corn lobby doesn’t like to talk about.

Ethanol is harder on engine components than pure gasoline. It’s not generally a problem because practically all cars except antiques can tolerate up to 10% ethanol, which is about 95% of the fuel sold in America.

But in a lot of vehicles, 15% ethanol is too much.

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Politicians push E15 as a lower-cost gasoline option, but should you be using it? | Opinion

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids are patting themselves, and each other, on the back for getting the state a waiver to allow sales of E15 fuel this summer. Whether that's a good thing or not is an open question.