Kansas City Zoo Seyz 'Ethical' Aquarium Coming Soon

We're working on a few more things for tonight but right now we want to take a peek at fish tank justification.

First . . . The only real bit of news . . . The opening date . . . 

"The zoo says the aquarium will open Sept. 1, 2023. The zoo plans to announce the name of the new aquarium during a ceremony Tuesday morning. "

And then . . . Here's a note about how this multi-county taxpayer effort will help save the planet:

The zoo prioritizes ethically sourcing and caring for the wildlife that will be living in the aquarium, with their ultimate goals being education and conservation.

“The animals are sourced several different ways,” Putney says. “We’re providing a rehab place for animals that are actually owned by the government. For example, our sea otters and our sea turtles are owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and they’ve had injuries or stranding events, and they were deemed non-releasable.

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