Kansas City Westside Gunfire Erupts Overnight As Police Shoot Suspect Dead

Overnight . . . Gunfire echoed through TKC's part of town as police responded to a treacherous situation.

Since it's an officer-involved shooting . . . Missouri State Highway Patrol is handling the investigation.

Here are the deets so far . . .

"At approx 1120pm, @kcpolice received a 911 call of a disturbance involving a male armed w/ a gun, firing shot(s). When officers arrived, the suspect apparently fired shot(s) inside a residence. With officers present, the suspect allegedly fired w/in proximity of the officers. Officer(s) returned fire. The suspect apparently wasn’t struck. Additional officers began to respond including SWAT. Negotiations were underway for the suspect to surrender when he again fired shot(s) at the officers. Officers returned fire and struck him outside the house. The scene was made secure and the suspect was pronounced deceased. No officers were injured.

This is an ongoing investigation. "

TKC will post updates as they're available 

Developing . . .