Kansas City Waldo BB Gun Sniper Targets Critters & House Pets

Our 2nd favorite working-class neighborhood in Kansas City suffers a spate of not-so-harmless shooting that could break skin, put an eye out and certainly cause distress. 

Here are the deets . . .

“He goes outside with this pellet gun and shoots not only the neighborhood wildlife, squirrels, rabbits - anything that he can find, but also shoots neighborhood pets,” a Waldo resident said. “Ones that are in their own yard, minding their own business, not barking, not bothering anyone.”

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Neighbors concerned man is once again firing pellet or BB gun in Waldo neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) -- Neighbors are concerned that a man is once again firing a pellet or BB gun inside city limits in their Waldo neighborhood. Neighbors contacted KCTV5 News last April after they say the neighbor shot at wildlife and pets.