Kansas City Stork Coming Soon To 12th & Oak Threatens Political Turmoil

Baby good tidings are slowly but surely working their way to city hall and the impending news has sparked a great deal of chatter behind the scenes.

Reality check . . . A healthy baby soon to be delivered to a TOP RANKING DENIZEN of city hall is a BLESSING no matter the sordid circumstances. 

Forgive us for our optimism amid so much municipal corruption. 

We pen this blind item post just to let insiders know that WE KNOW and everybody else is talking about it as well. 

Consider this a public service and yet another TKC CELEBRATION OF LIFE!!!

What the plebs should consider . . .

Baby news might get out before the upcoming election but it probably won't make a difference. The real impact of the story will be just another reminder that locals shouldn't believe social media smiles and online lectures about morality . . . Instead, it's better to consider what people DO rather than what they say.

Still . . . Again . . . A bundle of joy delivered to this cowtown is welcomed given that population around the world continues to decline and pretty soon there might not be enough people to work all of those low-end jobs that keep the American economy running.

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America is refusing to do the one simple thing that would solve the Great People Shortage

America needs more workers. The United States is already running low on critical positions such as nurses, home-health aides, farmworkers, and truckers. And there are fewer young people on the way to make up the difference: The National Bureau of Economic Research found that birth rates in the US have declined by nearly 20% since 2007, while the fertility rate has been below the replacement level for decades.

The Population of Europe Now Appears to Be Falling

The population of the European Union (EU) has slid down by more than half a million people since 2020, according to the number crunchers at its statistical arm Eurostat - a striking inflection point after decades of growth. The causes of the decline are various, but the basic issue is that more people are dying and fewer babies are being born.

Japan's population drops by half a million in 2022 | CNN

Japan's population has fallen for the 12th consecutive year, as deaths rise and the birth rate continues to sink, according to government data released Wednesday. The population stood at 124.49 million in 2022 - representing a decline of 556,000 from the previous year, figures show.

Population Decline Will Change the World for the Better

China's population has fallen after decades of sky-high growth. This major shift in the world's most populous country would be a big deal by itself, but China's hardly alone in its declining numbers: despite the momentous occasion of the global population surpassing eight billion late last year, the United Nations predicts dozens of countries will have shrinking populations by 2050.

The implications of a shrinking Asia

China, Japan and South Korea are in demographic decline. Is that good or bad? Government financial incentives may be useless in reversing the demographic slide Aging societies bring greater economic costs but could also help the environment The fastest way to reverse population declines is a relaxation of immigration policies Briefly after the Cold War, when globalization dominated the world, national sovereignty seemed relegated to the dustbin of history.

Migration could prevent a looming population crisis. But there are catches

To development economist Lant Pritchett, "population decline" is a mild way to describe what could be a global demographic crisis. "The reaction is often 'ho-hum' as the rates [of population decline] are slow and hence the issue seems small and in the future," he told NPR in an email.

Developing . . .