Kansas City Stay Trashy After All These Years

A quick glimpse at this town's long history of FAIL when it comes to waste disposal.

Also . . . Here's the newspaper swagger jacking a point we've made in recent weeks . . . Nobody wanted recycling bins but a solution for weekly trash pickup is desperately needed. 

Check-it . . .

Kansas City started looking into the possibility of trash carts many years ago as a way to reduce litter that spreads around neighborhoods when animals bust open trash bags and wind blows debris. Residents across the city still share that concern today, but the effort never spread beyond a few neighborhoods.

More than 17 years later, the city still has no set plan to provide trash carts to residents citywide.

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Parts of KC got trash carts years ago. Why is everyone else still putting bags on curbs?

Editor's note: This story is part of The Star's series "Talking Trash." All of the stories were inspired by questions and concerns we heard from Kansas Citians through listening sessions, an online callout and other conversations in our community. Stories will run throughout the spring, and you can find them all here .