Kansas City Star Runs Election Season Trans Screed Against Dan Tarwater

This morning we notice an interesting journalistic choice against middle-of-the-road candidate who is leading after the primary.

It turns out that Brookside voters weren't keen on the radical agenda promoted by many of the "alternative" candidates and tenants groups . . . Now, maybe, the hope is that trans rights advocacy might find a way into the cowtown council election season.

Check the Kansas City Star promoting electioneering under the guise of trans rights . . .

"While running for City Council to represent me, Dan Tarwater talks a lot about communities feeling safe, but it’s clear he is committed to safety only for those he deems worthy — not our community as a whole. He opposed the mask mandate in Jackson County during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He sided with Jefferson City against abortion rights. In his zeal as a county legislator for a prison to hide more of our neighbors, he didn’t seem concerned by the harm caused by displacing the residents of the Heart Village mobile home park. When confronted, he laughed in their faces as he sent them packing, as the renter rights advocate group KC Tenants documented on Twitter. I guess he thought there would be plenty of room for them in the new jail."

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Kansas City Council members must represent everyone, in the 6th District and beyond | Opinion

There is a nationwide effort by a zealous, powerful minority to exterminate transgender people like me and my wife from public life. They are in charge in Jefferson City and Topeka. We have to stop them here in Kansas City. I came out as trans in the summer of 2020, and moved into Kansas City's 6th District later that year.