Kansas City Star Condemns Rock Chalk Republican Majority

Faith-based rhetoric is a political turnoff for most reasonable people  . . . And so, ironically, this screed from the Star comes off every bit as pious as their political opponents. 

Here's the word that's really just more preaching to the choir . . .

"They suggest that Kansans who think or live differently from them are missing the right kind of Christian in their lives, and encourage the deputization of children in schools “to do the right thing.” They blame mental health and other systemic issues on “critical theory” or the degradation of the traditional family. And that’s not just behind closed doors: When I carried an amendment expanding the child care tax credit, one colleague stood in opposition because he believes the state should not encourage women and mothers working outside the home. That same colleague offered to convert a young Muslim woman and a Jewish woman to Christianity when they questioned whether his faith allowed him to adequately represent their religious views."

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Kansas Republicans use religion to fuel hate and nationalism. That's not Christianity | Opinion

It is to be expected that many of our citizen legislators approach their work in Topeka by using their own lived experiences - and those of their constituents - to determine the policies they'll prioritize in a given session.