Kansas City Scribe Watch Rather Watch Sci-Fi Than Royals Pitching Walk Fest

This line offers a glimpse at desperation from local fans and a quick glimpse at a universe filled with much more worthwhile entertainment than a greedy owner tanking a local institution just so he can get a nicer stadium . . .

"I would highly recommend watching Stargate SG-1 rather than the entirety of a Royals game, to be perfectly honest. It comes from a now quaint period in TV history where run counts were 43 minutes on the nose and from a network business model that just does not really exist so much anymore for sci-fi and fantasy shows. But it’s entertaining and aware of when it’s being cheesy."

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Brad Keller can't find the strike zone, Royals can't find hits in another night to forget

What happens when you combine a pitcher entering the game with the second-highest walk rate among all pitchers with at least 20 innings pitched and the opposing team with the second-highest walk rate in the big leagues? You get what we got tonight: a bloodbath of walks and another Royals loss.