Kansas City Reparations Earn Rebuke From Conservatives Nationwide

Right now we note that Fox News recently picked up a sketchy Kansas City policy move . . . For those who still scroll through outlets like Facebook . . . The reaction has been overwhelmingly negative and generated a great deal of contempt . . . ACROSS DEMOGRAPHIC LINES.

Here are the basics of the most recent report . . .

"The Mayor's Commission for Reparations will reportedly research the city's historical treatment of African Americans and, according to a 2022 proposal, work toward "expressing apologies on behalf of the City of Kansas City and declaring the City’s intent to make amends for its participation in the sanctioning of the enslavement of Black people."

The money line . . . 

"It is unknown at this time exactly what type of payments or how much in payments the commission will be seeking for Black residents. However, the ordinance states that "the Commission will issue a preliminary report of its findings within one year of its inaugural meeting and a final report will be issued within six (6) months thereafter."

"While Democrat-run Kansas City discusses a price tag for reparation payments, proposals from San Francisco and California task forces are reportedly seeking to charge each individual taxpayer an estimated $600,000 for reparation payments to eligible Black residents in the state."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Kansas City becomes latest Dem-run city to form reparations commission, seek payments for Black residents

Kansas City's reparations commission is up and running with the appointment of 13 members who will seek taxpayer dollars for payments to eligible Black residents in the area. After passing a vote in January to form the commission, Democrat Mayor Quinton Lucas appointed 13 people to sit on the board Monday and begin the process of forming reparation proposals in the Missouri city.