Kansas City Progressives Desperately Want To Dump Landfill On Suburbanites?!?

Sorry . . . But we notice locals aren't really "Eco-friendly" with their neighbors living in McMansions

In fact, we kind of sense that KC leadership can't wait to dump on idyllic low-crime neighborhoods.

Read between the lines of this report . . .

The landfill proposal is likely dead, for now. The Kansas City Council eventually placed a moratorium on landfill permits in March until a review of the city’s trash needs is complete. Later that month, the city announced new strategies to move toward sustainability and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills later that month. And an ordinance outright banning new landfill permits is likely to pass this summer.

But the debate has raised an important question: does Kansas City need a new landfill? Experts say it’s not too early to be talking about it.

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Where will Kansas City's trash go? Locals don't want a new landfill but we're running out of space

Talk of a potential landfill in south Kansas City is making the city reevaluate its trash needs. While the city doesn't risk running out of space in the next few years, experts say it's not too soon to start exploring options.