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Legend Well-Remembered

Tina in KC: Tina Turner's performances in Kansas City spanned decades

She was the queen of rock 'N' roll. Singer and actress Tina Turner has died at the age of 83.Her music spanned decades, with stops in Kansas City.

No Escaping The Dotte?!?!

KCK families locked out of graduation after ticket fiasco

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Locked out of graduation. Some families in the Kansas City, Kansas School District missed a big moment in their seniors' lives. The principal at Wyandotte High School is blaming the problem on fake tickets.

Money Fight Consequences Hit Troops

Kansas City-area veterans weigh impact of possible debt default

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The United States has quite the bill to pay in just a few days. On June 1, the government is supposed to pay its veterans 12 billion dollars as a part of their benefits. If the U.S. defaults on its loans, those payments may be delayed.

More Vaporware Pix Debut

South Loop Link team unveils third potential park design without any street closures - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City residents last month reviewed two concepts for the South Loop Link, each closing a different stretch of road over I-670. A recent survey led the project team to design a third concept that would preserve all roads through the park.


Skyline From Kaw Point

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Starlet Plays It Safe

Margot Robbie on How She Got Into Character for 'Barbie': "She Is Sexualized, but She Should Never Be Sexy"

The movie's star also spoke about how 'This American Life' influenced her portrayal, while director Greta Gerwig teases the 'Apostles' Creed'-like poem she wrote for the film's treatment and co-star Ryan Gosling reveals the 'Braveheart' singing telegram he sent the film's cast of Barbies.

White House Clowns 2nd Place

Biden trolls DeSantis over glitchy 2024 launch on Twitter Spaces

President Biden on Wednesday mocked the issue-laden presidential campaign launch of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), whose attempt to talk about his candidacy on Twitter Spaces was marred by tech problems. "This link works," Biden posted on his personal Twitter account, linking to a donation page for his campaign.

More Options Than MAGA?!?

CNN Poll: Trump leads 2024 GOP primary field, but many voters are open to supporting other candidates | CNN Politics

Donald Trump has consolidated the support of slightly above half of his party at this early stage of the race for the Republican nomination, a newly released CNN poll conducted by SSRS finds, highlighting the former president's potential path to a third nomination - and the challenges his rivals will face over the next months in establishing their own bases of support.

Flyer Soars To New Heights

Biden picks history-making Air Force fighter pilot to serve as next Joint Chiefs chairman

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden will announce Thursday that he is tapping Air Force Gen. CQ Brown Jr., a history-making fighter pilot with deep knowledge of China, to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Brown's confirmation would mean that, for the first time, both the Pentagon's top military and civilian positions would be held by African Americans.

Congress Calls In Tab

House votes to cancel Biden's $400 billion student loan handout

The House voted Wednesday to repeal President Biden's plan to forgo more than $400 billion in federally backed student loan debt. Lawmakers approved a resolution disapproving of Biden's student loan forgiveness plan that was announced last year and is now stalled because of an ongoing legal challenge.

Dollar In Decline?!?

The US' AAA credit ratings at risk of a downgrade due to 'brinkmanship over the debt ceiling.' This could impact trillions of dollars worth of Treasury securities.

Ratings agency Fitch put the US's credit on watch for a possible downgrade on Wednesday. Fitch expressed concerns about political partisanship amid negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. The US could run out of money to pay its bills by June 1, per Treasury Secretary Yellen.

Rewire Stays Winning

Paralyzed man walks again using implants connecting brain with spinal cord

A 40-year-old man whose legs were paralyzed in a cycling accident 12 years ago can walk again thanks to implants in his brain and spinal cord. The brain-spine interface (BSI) has remained stable for a year, allowing Gert-Jan Oskam to stand, walk, climb stairs and traverse complex terrains, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

European War Escalation Cont'd

US intelligence indicates Ukrainians may have launched drone attack on Kremlin | CNN Politics

US officials have picked up chatter amongst Ukrainian officials blaming each other for a drone attack on the Kremlin earlier this month, contributing to a US assessment that a Ukrainian group may have been responsible, sources familiar with the intelligence told CNN.

New Junk Coming Soon

Container ship grounded in Suez Canal

In March 2021, the Ever Given, which is one of the largest container ships in the world, blocked the canal for six days.

Far East Cyber Fight Starts

Microsoft detects Chinese hacking of U.S. infrastructure in key Pacific island Guam

A Chinese state-sponsored group has hacked into critical American infrastructure, including in the U.S. territory of Guam, Microsoft and the " Five Eyes" intelligence alliance warns. Why it matters: Guam is home to three American military bases and the western Pacific island would play an important strategic role should the U.S.

Toast To Smut Life

How does a cocktail become the 'Drink of the Summer'? And will 2023 be the year of the 'pornstar martini'? - The Boston Globe

Why is there a need for the position in the first place? And what happens to people who get stuck on a past Drink of the Summer - 2021′s title holder, say, the throwback espresso martini - and can't move on? Do they have to whisper their order to the bartender?

Cowtown Toasts To B-List

'Ted Lasso'-inspired pop-up bar coming to Kansas City area

RAYTWON, Mo. - A pop-up bar inspired by popular TV series "Ted Lasso" is coming to the Kansas City metro. A.F.C. Raytown - Kansas City's Ted Lasso Pop-Up Bar will launch Saturday, May 27, and end on Friday, June 2 at Crane Brewing in Raytown, Missouri.

Community Threads Celebrated

KC fashion designer talks Mexican traditions he's trying to keep

Fashion designer Jonathan Garvey talks about his Crossroads' store, Pancho's Blanket, and the Mexican traditions he wants to keep alive.

Local History Of Good Deeds For Great Cause

Amy Thompson Run brings awareness to those in Kansas City with brain injuries

For over three decades, runners in Kansas City have hit the pavement in honor of Amy Thompson. Thompson, who was an avid runner, was shot in the head multiples during a robbery in 1986. She struggled with a brain injury until she died three years later at 26.

Home Team Stumbles Again

Tigers taters tatter Taylor's team to triumph 6-4

Detroit hit a couple big homers and Kansas City could not sustain a rally as the Tigers won the rubber match of this three game set 6-4. The start of the game got pushed back a bit by rain, but it ended up starting at about the same time as these games started last year.

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