Kansas City News Spin: Weekend Plans, Pupper Peril, Debt Threat & Smutty Martini

Lots to cover in this blast as golfer hottie & social media pioneer Paige inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Local Options To Ignore Whilst Watching TV & Drinking

What to do in Kansas City during Memorial Day weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - There's plenty to do in Kansas City this holiday weekend. For a full list of events in the City of Fountains, check below. For the first time in the show's history, Cirque Du Soleil comes to Kansas City this weekend.

Goodies Debut Across Bridge

Two new locally owned stores coming to Kansas City's Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is adding two local, women-owned tenants this summer. Accessories brand Annie Austen tapped Zona Rosa for the company's first brick-and-mortar location, which spans 3,647 square feet. It will open on July 1 next to American Eagle. Annie Austen and her brother, Matt Callicotte, founded the company.

KC Temp Biz Stay Winning

Going 360: Pop-up events help Kansas City businesses thrive

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Pop-up events are growing in popularity all across the Kansas City area. In one instance, a long line snaked through Servaes Brewery and out the door, but the crowd hadn't gathered at the Shawnee brewery just for beer. They were ready to support Slow Rise, which was popped up inside.

KC Doggiestyle Kindness

KC Pet Project at crisis capacity, offering $30 adoption specials on Memorial Day Weekend

KC Pet Project is offering a Memorial Day adoption special this weekend since the shelter has no open kennels.The KC Pet Project is looking for 150 new homes for dogs this weekend.It is offering $30 adoptions for dogs greater than 30 pounds and adult cats, as well.The shelter reached capacity Thursday night with no open kennels."When this happens, we put out a call to the community to help us," said Tori Fugate with the KC Pet Project.

Ballers Endorse Benefit

Chiefs stars headline 2023 Big Slick celebrity guests

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A few hometown heroes will be part of the biggest 2023 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend ever. Over the past week and a half, organizers have announced dozens of stars joining hosts David Koechner, Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd, Heidi Gardner, Eric Stonestreet and Rob Riggle for the 14th annual event.

Paige Proves Champion Of Social Media Opportunity

Paige Spiranac slams influencers for 'oversexualize' hypocrisy after 'the path I paved for them'

Paige Spiranac hasn't forgotten the grief she received as a rising golf influencer - and how those who came up after her derisively vowed they wouldn't "oversexualize" as she did.

Prez Biden Quiet On Cash

White House Correspondents' Association slams Biden admin for not holding briefings as default deadline looms

The White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) is calling out the Biden administration for stalling press briefings ahead of Memorial Day weekend as the country's default deadline looms. As President Biden and lawmakers are set to leave town amid tense negotiations, WHCA President and NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith revealed the organization's own talks with the White House about holding briefings on Friday and over the weekend were unsuccessful.

MAGA On The Record

Prosecutors say they have a recording of Trump and a witness in Manhattan DA case

Prosecutors in New York have informed attorneys for Donald Trump that the evidence in their hush money case against the former president includes an audio recording of him and a witness, a court filing made public Friday shows.

Talker Clowns Guv Ron

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith says Ron DeSantis is 'one of the stupidest people I've ever seen'

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said Ron DeSantis has "lost his damn mind" after the Florida governor signed legislation to ban diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) programs at Florida universities. Smith admitted he was not an "aficionado on this subject" but still took aim at the Florida governor.

Dollar Demise Deadline

Yellen says US will run out of money by June 5 if debt ceiling not raised

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday notified lawmakers the nation will run out of money to pay its bills by June 5 if they do not raise the debt ceiling. "Based on the most recent available data, we now estimate that Treasury will have insufficient resources to satisfy the government's obligations if Congress has not...

Unlucky Allegations

Powerball winner served lawsuit alleging he stole ticket

MoneyWatch A California man who claimed the record-breaking $2 billion Powerball lottery jackpot last year may be headed to court to defend his winnings. Edwin Castro was served legal papers at his home in Hollywood Hills this week, notifying him of a pending lawsuit, the U.S. Sun reported.

Elon Musk Advances Tech To Chip The Plebs

Neuralink gets major FDA approval after previous implant tests on monkeys

ELON Musk's neurotechnology company has received FDA approval to launch its first-in-human clinical study, it was announced today. Neuralink was founded by the Tesla CEO in 2016 focusing on developing a brain-computer interface called "the link." Musk said the company's goal is to develop a surgically embedded neural-chip implant to help disabled patients move and communicate again and possibly restore vision.

War Risks Escalate

Ukraine says Russia plans to simulate accident at nuclear power plant

May 26 (Reuters) - Ukraine's defence ministry on Friday said Russia was planning to simulate a major accident at a nuclear power station controlled by pro-Moscow forces to try to thwart a long-planned Ukrainian counteroffensive to retake territory occupied by Russia.

Middle-East Crisis Alert

US warns of 'serious threat' after Iran unveils new ballistic missile

WASHINGTON - The United States on Thursday called Iran's missile program a "serious threat" after the clerical state unveiled a new model with its longest range to date. "Iran's development, and proliferation of, ballistic missiles poses a serious threat to regional and international security and remains a significant non-proliferation challenge," State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters during a briefing.

South Of Border Snub

Peru's Congress deems Mexican leader unwelcome, regional split deepens

Lawmakers in Peru voted on Thursday to declare Mexico's leftist president unwelcome in the South American country, citing what they described as his meddling in Peru's internal affairs and marking a deepening diplomatic split in the region.

Diva Suffers Scary Condition

Celine Dion CANCELS her tour amid battle with neurological disorder

Celine Dion has cancelled her Courage world tour as she continues to battle with a neurological disorder. The singer, 55, had previously postponed her planned shows after publicly sharing in December she'd been diagnosed with the disorder known as Stiff Person Syndrome.

Toast To The Nasty

How to Make a Pornstar Martini, a Delicious Vodka Cocktail That's for Adults Only

Every year, the U.K.-based Difford's Guide publishes a list of what they call the World's Top 100 Cocktails. It's not an opinion piece, or an editorial endorsement-when they say "top" they mean by popularity, the list is ranked by web traffic, and is therefore objective and purely democratic. And what was No.

Symphony Celebrates U.S.

Know before you go: Celebration at the Station in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Work is underway to bring a Memorial Day tradition to Kansas City. Celebration at the Station will take place Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend. Organizers said it is the biggest Memorial Day tradition in the Midwest.

Local Hype Team Stays Winning

Get to know Karen Daniel: KC2026 board president ready to Kansas City 'best foot forward' for World Cup

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Her name may not be as familiar as some board members tapped to lead Kansas City's preparation efforts for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, but Karen Daniel's leadership and love for the city drew raves. "Because I'm not as visible, maybe some people don't know me, but those who do know I love Kansas City," Daniel said.

Golden Ghetto Pasta Kaput

'NO NO NOOOOOOOO!!!!' This Johnson County Italian restaurant closes after 62 years

Steve's Villa Capri, a Johnson County mainstay for decades, has closed. The restaurant was founded in Overland Park in 1961 and most recently operated at 10412 Mastin St. The owners couldn't be reached for comment. In a Thursday Facebook post, they said: "Dearest Friends, Staffing has once again hit us.

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