Kansas City Mayor Q Seyz Reparations Serve As Opportunity

He's not completely wrong here . . .

What we're noticing is that many of our smarter residents in ever corner of Kansas City are using this "opportunity" to reject divisive ideas from politicos and refocusing on LOCAL INFRASTRUCTURE & BASIC SERVICES THAT HELP EVERYONE. 

Translation . . . The support for reparations is PAPER THIN on the East side and throughout KC. 

Even worse, when politicos don't deliver on these promises . . . They almost assure DISAPPOINTMENT.

Of course, as always, we share a more optimistic outlook . . .

“I hope that people who are reluctant to see this as even a viable opportunity, it’s not about fight 200 years back,” Lucas told KMBC. “It’s about finally doing the right things to build up the entirety of our community.”

Among the form of reparations that could be considered are direct payments, land, tax relief, scholarships, free healthcare or funds for home building or home buying.

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As Kansas City's Commission on Reparations meets, mayor calls it a 'viable opportunity'

For the first time, Kansas City's committee on reparations met on Tuesday afternoon. The committee is looking at ways to make amends for generations of segregation. The group is focusing on five impact areas: Housing, economic development, health, education and criminal justice.