Kansas City Mayor Q Promises 'Robust Discussion' Of Reparations

The Mayor offers more insight in a conversation that Kansas City will undertake AFTER the upcoming election. 

Locals who are smart and want to keep their day job might want to steer clear of this culture war trap or maybe just keep their mouths full of popcorn whilst watching intently and avoiding saying anything that your boss doesn't like. 

In the meantime . . . Here's a promise and preview of the local discourse that will NEVER happen to any real degree . . .

"I think there will be a robust discussion in the council and a robust discussion with the public. What we’re doing is not rushing it. So I think that the group will be methodical and will try to do the work necessary and make sure that we’re creating a more equitable and just Kansas City long term."

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Mayor Lucas discusses Reparations Commission appointees and what comes next

"I think that until we have a comprehensive understanding of the capacity of the atrocities and the systems that still exist to subjugate black people, we can't make any meaningful attempt to repair or heal," says Kansas City Defender editor and founder Ryan Sorrell.