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Focus On Healthy Families 

When the health care system fails women, Kansas City community workers try to bridge the gap

Standing outside the Nurture KC office in Westport, Marcela Metcalf is preparing to greet 25 families with newborn babies. She and fellow Kansas City community health workers have bags of produce and some diapers prepared for each family as part of a temporary collaboration between University Health and , a non-profit focused on improving the health of mothers and children.

Stormy Overnight Aftermath

NWS KC confirms 3 tornadoes touched down Saturday night in northern Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Weather Service of Kansas City reports three tornadoes were produced from a long-track supercell thunderstorm that moved across northern Missouri Saturday night, per a preliminary damage result survey of the storms. Two tornadoes touched down in Linn County and one touched down in Trenton.

Newspaper Doubts Nearly Abandoned Development Dream

Mission Gateway is upside down. Will the Johnson County project ever be finished?

The potential foreclosure on the Mission Gateway project poses perhaps the biggest threat the cursed Johnson County development has ever faced. It could leave the city of Mission without a finished project, but also cost developers, bankers, vendors and contractors millions.

Baller Endures Pain For Glory

Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco played through multiple injuries in the NFL playoffs

Yes. You know, growing up, my dad was always, you know, in my life, my parents um taking me to the football fields, going up to the uh being the first one there at the practice field that the show from my dad to show me, you know, be on time to your job.

Rolling With Tougher Work

As the trucker shortage deepens, some groups are trying to make it easier to become a driver

The trucking industry is estimated to have a shortage of nearly 80,000 drivers. While the problem is expected to get worse before it gets better, industry groups are trying to pave the way for more people to get a commercial driver's license.

Hottie Retrospective Debuts

10 of Kate Upton's Most Breathtaking SI Swimsuit Photos

The model landed three covers in her six separate years posing for the magazine. Kate Upton is best known for her three SI Swimsuit Issue cover moments. The model was featured in the magazine six separate years and even double-dipped in certain years for body painting photo shoots.

Conservatives Call Out White House Tinkering  With Home Equity

All the truly crazy things Biden is trying to make your mortgage go woke

There is a troubling trend toward abrogating the use of credit scores, criminal history and housing history to measure risk from the misbegotten sense that doing so will result in a better outcome for people who have traditionally fared poorly in the housing market, whether looking for a mortgage or a lease.

MAGA Stands Down

Trump will not testify in E. Jean Carroll battery trial | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump will not testify in the civil battery and defamation trial after his attorney did not inform the court of a change in strategy by a judge-imposed deadline of 5 p.m. Sunday.

GOP Unties For Money

Why McConnell and McCarthy locked arms on the debt crisis

McConnell's move helps McCarthy's negotiating position - and perhaps just as importantly, it boosts his own standing within a Senate Republican conference that has shifted rightward, a lurch that sparked the first-ever rebellion against his leadership last fall. McConnell said Biden isn't the first president he's pushed to work with a House controlled by the opposing party.

European Escalation Worsens

Russia evacuates more than 1,600 from Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant town

Russian forces are evacuating residents from the area near the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, with more than 1,600 people, including 660 children, evacuated so far, a Moscow-installed official in the region has said. The head of the UN's nuclear power watchdog warned on Saturday that the situation around the plant had become "potentially dangerous".

OR Your Face Has Been In Some Very Nasty Places

Had pink eye recently? There's a chance it could have been from new COVID-19 strain

XBB.1.16, also known as Arcturus, is the newest subvariant of the omicron variant of COVID-19 spreading throughout the U.S. and much of the world. Like many COVID variants and subvariants that came before it, Arcturus is believed to be the most infectious strain of COVID yet.

Italia Turnaround

Internet divided over curvy mermaid statue in Italy: 'She got a booty'

Social media users have weighed in on the controversy over a voluptuous mermaid statue in southern Italy, and most critics are taking issue with the mermaid having both a human backside and a fishtail.

About Left Turn Aftermath

NASCAR races wrap up Sunday at Kansas Speedway with thrilling end to Advent Health 400

The weekend of NASCAR races at the Kansas Speedway has officially come to a close. It ended with 36 drivers facing off in the Advent Health 400. Denny Hamlin was the driver who came out on top after an exciting final lap and a thrilling 400-mile race with 37 lead changes.

Forecast For Now . . . 

FORECAST: Sunny skies expected with temps in the low 80s Monday

As this low-pressure system in front continues to transfer to the east, high pressure though rather weak still develops out west, which will allow for more of a dryer pattern to take over this afternoon. Sunny skies are expected with high temperatures increasing to the lower 80s.

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