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Cowtown Kindness Works Better Than Free Hotel Rooms

Kansas City homeless program could be model for mental illness treatment, advocates say

After leaving prison, where he'd been incarcerated for nearly three decades, a man in his 60s took up residence in the woods of Kansas City, where he stayed for five years. He eventually found his way to City Union Mission's emergency homeless shelter, where staff learned he'd been panhandling to pay for his eyesight medication.

Farm Hand Go Ahead

H-2A visas increase as farmers and ranchers look to hire more guest agricultural workers

The H-2A visa program, which provides guest workers in agriculture, continues to be more heavily used by American farmers, ranchers and corporations each year. The trend will likely continue in the next few years, according to Jackson Takach, chief economist at Farmer Mac, a lender for agricultural and rural infrastructure based in Washington D.C.

Locals Spend Free Money

Kansas City leaders aim to turn federal stimulus dollars into long-term successes - Kansas City Business Journal

With federal COVID stimulus deadlines rapidly approaching, Kansas City-area leaders are looking to deploy those dollars quickly. But they're not content to simply spend their chunks of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act. "The issue is, how do you take these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and leverage them for as much gain as possible?"

EPIC Local Ride Missing

Buckner man searches for stolen monster truck

BUCKNER, Mo. (KCTV) - There aren't a lot of trucks like Corey Schlicher's in Buckner, Missouri. His rig, which he has been working on for several years, is unmistakable. It's a 1977 Chevrolet K20 decked out with tractor tires. Schlicher has taken the truck to mud runs and car shows around the state, and it's always a conversation starter.

Reconnecting Kansas City

Study Looks at Reconnecting Riverfront and Columbus Park

After being neglected for much of the 20th century, the downtown riverfront is becoming a new community and now is looking for better ways to connect with nearby neighborhoods, including Columbus Park.

Rock Chalk Craf Question Answered

Why did Abilene, Kansas, make the world's largest belt buckle?

Kansans have a knack for thinking big - world's largest type of big. Consider, in the pantheon of Kansas big, Cawker City's ball of twine. Wichita's acrylic mural on a grain elevator. Goodland's Van Gogh painting on a mammoth easel, Muscotah's baseball, Mineral City's Big Brutus, Wilson's big Czech egg.

Show-Me Growing Season Incentive

MU Extension offers new gardening class

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The University of Missouri Extension is accepting enrollees in a new garden steward program. The five-week course covers the essentials of beginning a garden and growing produce. The course costs $99, but people over the age of 55 who live in Platte County, Missouri, and register to be an AmeriCorps volunteer for six hours per year can take the course for free.

Baller Legend Finds His Roots

Royals legend Bret Saberhagen discovers his biological father

LEAWOOD, Kan. - The picture defining Bret Saberhagen used to be the 21-year-old jumping into George Brett's arms after winning the 1985 World Series as a member of the Kansas City Royals. Now, the 59-year-old has a new picture to define his life.

Hollywood Fashion For All

Celebs keep exposing their bras to the world's nerdiest film journalists

is a place where actors go to be taken seriously as artists. On the Promenade de la Croisette, you are not just a famous person with an contract, you are a film darling, a thespian, an ascendant star of the silver screen.

Deal Not Quite Done

Biden and Republicans are $70 billion away from settling their debt ceiling squabbles

US debt ceiling talks appear to have overcome an impasse and are now close to finding a resolution. President Joe Biden and Republican House speaker Kevin McCarthy are hammering out the details around curbing spending and raising the debt ceiling with less than a week to go before the country faces a potential default, as per US Treasury estimates.

MAGA Confronts New Fed Fight

Trump's Lawyers Warn Him: Get Ready to Be Indicted by the Feds

Some of Donald Trump 's lawyers and top advisers have given the former president an unwelcome, if not unexpected message in recent weeks: You should expect to get indicted this year.

Never Trumpers Stay Losing?!?

Are The Anti-Trump GOP Forces Starting to Implode?

When it becomes clear in the early state and national polling who is consolidating support, the most influential figures with ties to the lagging candidates will stage a sort of political intervention and tell them it's time to quit and rally to the strongest alternative to Trump.

Republican Cash Outcry Rises

GOP conservatives fume over debt ceiling compromises

Hard-line conservatives are fuming over the debt deal compromise being negotiated between Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and the White House - and they're warning about collapsing GOP support. Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) said he was "concerned about rumors" he was hearing about a deal that would raise the debt ceiling higher than what House Republicans...

Prez FAILED Faith Community???

Jewish groups 'extremely disturbed' and say Biden 'blew it' on policy to counter anti-Semitism

The White House on Thursday rolled out a 60-page strategy to counter anti-Semitism in the United States that some Jewish and anti-hate groups say misses the mark. The Biden administration cites an alarming rise in hate crimes that disproportionately impact American Jews as part of the impetus for the government-led effort to combat anti-Semitism.

Drug Laws Still Disputed

132 Dems vote against bill cracking down on fentanyl, cite 'inequities' in criminal justice system

The House on Thursday passed legislation that would permanently classify fentanyl related substances as Schedule I drugs that are subject to the toughest federal prison terms and penalties, over the objection of most Democrats. Lawmakers approved the Halt All Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl Act in an 289-133 vote that saw 132 Democrats oppose the bill even though the White House signaled support for it.

European War Claims More Innocent Lives

Russian rocket attack on Ukraine hospital kills two

At least two people have been killed and 23 injured in a missile strike on a medical clinic in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro, the regional governor says.

Newsflash: This Side Of The Border Doesn't Answer To Mexican Jefe

Mexican president ramps up anti-Republican rhetoric, urges Hispanics not to give DeSantis 'any votes'

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador again waded into the U.S. political situation on Thursday when he urged Hispanics not to vote for newly-declared presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis -- the latest example of the Mexican president meddling in U.S. elections against Republicans.

Swifite Hip-Hop Collab Sparks Interest

Taylor Swift's collaboration with Ice Spice raises eyebrows amid Matty Healy backlash

Some of Taylor Swift's Black fans have renewed their frustration over the singer's connection to The 1975 frontman Matty Healy after Swift announced a collaboration with rapper Ice Spice. While fans were excited about the remixed "Midnights" track featuring Ice Spice, who will be the first Black woman on one of Swift's songs, some questioned Swift's motives.

Adult Actress Shares One Of Many Regrets

Stormy Daniels regrets coming forward about alleged Trump affair: 'It was just for nothing'

Stormy Daniels regrets ever coming forward about her alleged quickie with former President Donald Trump - accusing his "sycophants" of even attacking her horse. The dejected-sounding porn star admitted on UK TV that she fears Trump, 76, will "get away with" the criminal charges he faces tied to alleged hush-money payouts to hide a tryst ahead of the 2016 election.

Kansas City Progression Exposed

This Kansas City punk rocker got famous by taking his clothes off. The pandemic helped him grow up

Mike Dillon's music wasn't always elegant. But the title track's opening moments on his sublime new album, "Inflorescence," are a work of subtle grace. Drawing on classical minimalism and cerebral chamber jazz, Dillon's unaccompanied mallet work conveys the quiet confidence of a mature musician.

Fielding FIFA

Local man wants WMSL fields in shape come World Cup in 2026

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - Kansas City has soccer fever! Not just from the popularity of Sporting KC or the new KC Current stadium under construction, but also because of the World Cup coming to the area in 2026. Preparations have already started from the newly released logos to the sports committee, and one man has work to do, too.

Kegger Condemns Kickoff Rule

Chiefs Travis Kelce Destroys NFL Over Rule Changes: 'Absolutely Stupid'

Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce has expressed his discontent with the new rule changes implemented for the 2023 NFL season. Kelce, known for his outspoken nature, first criticized the Kickoff Rule Change, labeling it as "Absolutely stupid." He then turned his attention to the new emergency 3rd quarterback rule, dismissing it as "Such b*******."

Rolling With Solutions

Building Up Low-Income Youth in Lawrence with Skateboards

It was a sticky spring day in Lawrence. Bounce houses bobbed and families gathered for a yearly community event called Edge Fest for residents of public housing and Section 8 units. A group of kids - ranging from 6 to 15 years old - bee-lined to the Lawrence Skaters Association's (LSA) large wooden table.

Real Kansas City Football Slowly Disappears Amid Super Bowl Glory

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid mourns the death of one of his favorite positions

KANSAS CITY, MO - The fullback position in Kansas City passed away on Wednesday. May 24, 2023 at the ripe old age of 73, surrounded by a host of journalists - and its most faithful paramour: Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Salvy Stays

Revisiting the Salvador Perez extension

I have heard/read at least three different commentators say that trading Salvador Perez would be difficult because of his contract. To be clear before I move on, I think there is almost no scenario where the Royals trade Perez immediately after making him team captain, but I also think his contract is much more movable than many others are assuming.

Sneak Peek . . . 

What's hot in Downtown KC for the holiday weekend - Downtown Council of Kansas City

What's hot in Downtown: Celebration at the Station with the Kansas City Symphony on Monday; Memorial Day tribute at National WWI Museum and Memorial all weekend; Spider-Man arrives at Union Station today; Cirque Du Soleil Corteo at T-Mo'; and much more.

Katie Calls Weekend

A great Memorial Day Weekend forecast is on tap

Today: Absolutely beautiful. Sunny, low humidity, gentle breeze. High: 79Saturday 52/82 Sunny and a little warmer.Sunday: 54/84 Sunny & WarmerMonday Memorial Day: Mostly sunny 54/87Tuesday-Next Saturday Hotter and more humid with slight chances of rain each day. Today: Absolutely beautiful. Sunny, low humidity, gentle breeze. High: 79 Saturday 52/82 Sunny and a little warmer.

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