Kansas City Legal Weed Advice: Don't Turn Your Dog Into Another Miserable Stoner

A word of caution to Missouri pet lovers who are likely too baked to know better . . .

“Marijuana just has a different effect on dogs than it does on people. They have more receptors to the cannabis compounds in the brain than we do,” DVM Julie Bradford with Good Vets said said.

That means leftover or tossed-out blunts can be eaten by dogs and still cause issues.

"So when they eat even a small amount of marijuana, It can really cause profound effects,” Bradford said.

BTW, the photo up top is a publicity still from Wilfred -- A dark comedy that might provide some giggles even for those who aren't fried. 

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Doctor warns pet owners not to let dogs eat discarded marijuana or blunt wraps

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Kansas City, but like discovered cigarettes, even a discarded blunt wrap can be eaten by pets and cause problems. It's planting season, and that's why some area vets are reminding folks about some of the dangers for pets when growing.