Kansas City 'Intercity Rail' Vaporware ALMOST Explained

Again . . . The reality here is that locals in surrounding communities aren't as wild about fixed rail as KCMO hipsters willing rig local elections to accomplish their goals.

Nevertheless . . . We share more deets about the plan . . .

"This is a logical next step to begin to study of how could we do rail throughout the region with the world looking at us, with people coming to Kansas City from around the world who have experienced world class transit," said Frank White III, president and CEO of the KCATA."

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KCATA talks about study on intercity rail system

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority has applied for a $500,000 federal grant to study a possible intercity rail system for the Kansas City area.

KCATA lays out ambitious plan for 107 miles of passenger train service in Kansas City area

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority said Thursday it was asking for federal aid to begin development of a passenger rail system that would link cities in the region. It offered few details, but The Star obtained a copy of the grant application through an open records request Friday.

Developing . . .