Kansas City Hockey History Buffs Hope We're Not Getting Jerked Around By Another Team

A worthwhile perspective and what is likely hope in vain . . .

If the Coyotes do indeed move to Kansas City someday, or even if they don’t, a strong local culture will only widen the pie for everyone.

“KC has a history of professional hockey, and it’s growing. Part of it is to try to continue to grow at the grassroots level, working with the youth organizations and youth arenas. We’ve got to continue that work,” Independence, Missouri Mavericks general manager and head coach Tad O’Had says.

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KC has a surprisingly solid hockey history. What could it look like in the future?

Courtesy Kansas City Mavericks A movement towards a new arena for the NHL's Arizona Coyotes was struck down May 16 by the Tempe City Council, leading to local support for and speculation on the possibility of the team moving to Kansas City in the future.