Kansas City Hipsters Ruining Strawberry Hill

The old school charm of this former Polish enclave isn't good enough for the new gentry looking for discounts in another working-class neighborhood. 

And so . . . Here's a peek at artsy verbiage that typically spikes property taxes . . .

"In the meantime, the creative spaces also create opportunities for various artists at different career stages and backgrounds, exposing the community to forwarding ideas and fresh perspectives. Therefore, if you thought Strawberry Hill would just be another arts & crafts scene, think twice because the neighborhood and its artists are ambitious and committed to pushing the local art scene to a higher level of maturity and professionalism.

"For the first time on the west side of State Line after the pandemic, we see a strong dedication to curatorship. Instead of simply putting art on the wall, more thoughts are invested in the conceptualization process, creating the narrative behind each exhibition. Furthermore, knowing the community is still in its early stage of developing an artistic identity, these organizations do not hesitate when external expertise is needed for inspiration."

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Strawberry Hill rising as a new art hub west of State Line

In-store art exhibition at Flagship Bookstore. // Courtesy Flagship Bookstore We know the tagline: "I'm from Kansas City-the Missouri side." It's like somehow we had the universal agreement that the Missouri side is the cooler side: when the Kansas side has just as much to offer if you know where to look.