Kansas City E-Scooter Revival Underway?!?

The NFL draft offered some encouraging publicity for the e-scooter market.

Reality check . . . The tech hasn't been as popular since the pandemic.

Moreover . . . Paris voting to ban e-scooters has inspired more cities to limit their reach on public roads.

Meanwhile, here's a more hopeful view as venture capital companies continue pouring MILLIONS into this controversial tech that hasn't quite taken off . . .

"More than 5,000 riders took rides with Bird, an average of over two rides per person during the week. The majority of rides occurred between the location of the draft in Union Station to the south and the Power and Light entertainment district to the north, indicating commute activity between the two key locations."

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Bird ridership soars during NFL Draft amid exclusive e-scooter partnership with KCMO

Daily rides in Kansas City increased by 724 percent during April's NFL Draft weekend, Bird reported, following the three-day series of events that brought more than 300,000 fans to festival grounds at Union Station. "We're thrilled to have partnered with Kansas City and the NFL to support the 2023 NFL Draft by providing efficient, affordable, and sustainable transportation to attendees," said Shane Torchiana, CEO, Bird.