Kansas City Crime Scene: Trafficking Busted, Tech Scams & Prayers To Stop Violence

There's a lot to catch up on in this post . . . Still, all of this local news is worth a look as we take a look police action, court cases and recent ALLEGED misdeeds.

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Bicyclist dies after running stop sign, colliding with truck in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A bicyclist succumbed to his injuries after failing to stop at a stop sign on Kensington Avenue and colliding with a Freightliner truck on Truman Road on April 13. The bicyclist was traveling northbound on Kensington Avenue and was holding a "very large" cauldron pot prior to the incident.

How is a traffic stop is supposed to go in Kansas? Know your rights if pulled over

Being pulled over by police is something many have experienced - but the outcome of a routine traffic stop can vary widely. In the best cases, drivers are let go with a verbal warning about road safety or the state of their vehicle.

Missouri Gov. Parson plays key role in bill seeking control of policing, prosecution

Missouri's governor would play a major role in St. Louis policing and prosecution under a bill praised by Republicans as a way to fight crime and criticized by Democrats as an attempt to take away local control from the Black-led city.

Clay County woman loses $200K in elaborate internet scam

LIBERTY, Mo. - A Clay County woman lost $200,00 to an elaborate scam. Now deputies hope to find the person responsible. According to investigators, the scammer called the victim and claimed the security program on her computer expired. The victim said the call looked like it came from the cyber security company she actually used and the caller knew her account information.

2 rescued, 22 arrested in Independence human trafficking operation led by Homeland Security Investigations KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Twenty-two individuals were arrested after a human trafficking operation in Independence from April 25-26. Initiated by Homeland Security Investigations Kansas City, the operation "focused on identifying and rescuing victims who were being trafficked for sexual exploitation," per the Independence Police Department.

Experts in child advocacy, healthcare discuss lasting trauma from youth violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Experts in child advocacy and healthcare both say trauma can take moments to form, but take years to recover. It is important to address the negative effects early on because they are seeing more and more episodes of violence being generational and cyclical - children witnessing crime and modeling those behaviors during conflict resolution.

Kansas City needs to pay more to recruit new police officers. Here's how to do it | Opinion

The Kansas City Police Department has 1,400 authorized patrol officer positions, and 269 are vacant. The department for years has been consistently unable to attract enough candidates to fill authorized positions. A new officer employed today starts with an annual wage of $47,844.

Group prays for end to violence in Kansas City on National Prayer Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Faith leaders from across the metro focused on praying for an end to Kansas City's homicides Friday morning. Dozens of people gathered at a fountain in Mill Creek Park on the Country Club Plaza to participate in the National Day of Prayer. "How many more is going to happen?"

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