Kansas City Creepers Target Gig Workers

Let's start the weekend with a quick missive about the indignities suffered by so many metro denizens whilst working in our new tech economy.

Here's a sordid tale that proves newsworthy and offers a tragic slice of life for those who rely on the phone for sustenance of all sorts . . . Also, it serves as a reminder to decent people to treat these folks with, at least, a modicum of respect . . .

She dropped off a DoorDash order to a man in the Lakewood area of Lee’s Summit. She walked back to her car when he messaged her — offering a cash tip. But he wanted something else in return.

“He said, ‘come down and get on your knees for a $20 tip,'” she recalled

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KC-area DoorDash driver warns others after customer's shocking harassment

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - A DoorDash driver is warning others after she found herself in a potentially dangerous situation. The local woman was trying to make some extra money delivering food, but instead received an unsolicited request for sex.