Kansas City Cloverleaf Tenants Stay Winning 2 MILLION BUCKS After Enduring Slum Life

The legal lottery comes through for these poor souls and the local housing crisis worsens.

Here's a glimpse at their hardship that a cash payout might not help in the long run . . .

"Tenants in the Cloverleaf Apartment complex reported major leaks, mold, pest infestations and a chronic lack of hot water or air conditioning. The landlord can no longer own property in Missouri for 10 years."

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Kansas City tenants living in 'inhumane' apartments win $2 million from California landlord

Tenants at a troubled apartment complex in Southeast Kansas City settled a class action lawsuit this week against their landlord and property manager - two Beverly Hills-based real estate investors that operated LLCs in Kansas City. The apartment complex, a cluster of three buildings located near Grandview at 14410 U.S.