Kansas City ChiefsAholic Earns Chargers Anime Name Check

Suspected bank robbery garners this local dude a bit of fame . . . But probably not any endorsement deals.

Take a peek . . .

In the video, the Chargers show short clips to represent each of their season opponents, and for their Week 7 matchup with the Chiefs, the Chargers show a man wearing a wolf mask with a hat that reads “ChiefsAholic.”

The masked man can be seen ripping off a device around his ankle.

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Chargers make nod to superfan 'ChiefsAholic' in schedule release video

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Chiefs fans might recognize the man in a wolf mask in the Los Angeles Chargers' schedule release video. The Chiefs' AFC West rivals dropped an anime-style video Thursday night to reveal their 2023 schedule. Their anime video from last offseason went viral, so it's no surprise they used the animation style again.