Kansas City Charter Change Threatens To Diminish Recall Power

Over the past 4 years there have been at least half a dozen recall efforts launched by Kansas City voters. 

Multiple attempts at recall of Mayor Q, a nearly successful recall of councilman Bunch and several attempts at other council members were launched amid the pandemic. None of the citizen initiate petitions were successful . . . HOWEVER, thousands of voters signed on to the grassroots democratic effort. 

Accordingly . . .


This is important given that local progressives decry Missouri GOP doing EXACTLY this same thing. 

Final charter change recommendations include:

- Establishing a minimum signature requirement for recalls (3,000 for in-district and 18,000 for at-large), referendums (7,000) and initiative petitions (4,000) that remains consistent from year to year

- Increasing the required number of signatures for a recall from 20% of voter turnout in the most recent mayoral election to 25%

- A change to municipal elections, so that any candidate who receives more than two-thirds of the vote in the primary automatically wins the general election

- Randomizing the ballot order instead of listing candidates in the order they filed at the election office

- Forming a separate commission to consider changes to the number of in-district and at-large City Council districts

- A set of reforms to the charter review process, which includes increasing the number of commissioners, requiring a listening session in every City Council district, and setting a minimum timeline of 90 days to complete the charter review.

The full list of reforms is written under Section 1212 of the proposed city ordinance.

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