Kansas City Bob's Burgers Tribute Debuts

Just in case you were wondering . . . Yes, there is a REALLY raunchy version of Bob's Burgers but we don't advise making something wholesome unnecessarily smutty . . . That's kinda my job around these parts. 

Even better . . . Check this local burger joint doing a dance that TKC knows all to well . . . Walking the fine line of copyright law by way of paraody, snark and serving up the hotness . . .

“We wanted to pull upon that wholesome — yet still a little raunchy — vibe that is ‘Bob’s Burgers,’” said Schmalz, describing the process of transforming his malleable Armour Road destination into the work home of TV’s Belcher family. “We love playing with a lot of color. Turning a physical space into an animated space is a challenge that we adore doing.”

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North KC's new 'Bob's Burgers' tribute bar: It's what happens when theater kids get together to drink

The grand re-re-re-opening of Vignettes Cocktail Bar as a pop-up tribute to the animated TV series "Bob's Burgers" is a well-seasoned homage to yet another cult classic, said Edward Schmalz, co-owner of the North Kansas City nightspot.