Kansas City Biz Retreats From Rising Crime & Burglaries In Waldo

A formerly nice spot for working families in Kansas City is suffering an ongoing string of violent crime that's chasing way business.

Here's the latest casualty . . .

Today, customers who go to Strips Chicken will see a sign on the door that says no cash." That's because a frustrated small business owner thinks this is one of his last resorts.

"Its been six burglaries in a little over two years," said Todd Johnson, owner of Strip's Chicken. "At some point, enough is enough."

Johnson's security cameras caught two men breaking through the restaurant's glass door about 3 a.m. early Tuesday morning. 

Here's the money line . . . 

Several businesses in the area that were not comfortable speaking with KSHB 41 on camera confirmed they are dealing with the same problem.

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'Six burglaries in two years': Waldo business plans to relocate following rise in crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A string of burglaries is costing local businesses in the Waldo neighborhood and driving others away. But it isn't a new problem. Last October, KSHB 41 reported on a string of businesses who had their safes and locked cabinets stolen or broken into.