Kansas City Bike/Walk Activists Hijack 'Ride Of Silence' Amid Election Season

A vigil tonight will attract a lot of well-meaning people who HONESTLY WANT TO KEEP PEOPLE SAFE ON THE ROAD. 

There's nothing wrong with that and their goal is commendable. 

Unfortunately . . . 

Desperate politicos and campaigners are likely going to prey on those good intentions in order to garner votes and push sketchy policy along with plans that have been rejected by neighborhoods & small biz.

There's a legit debate about how bike lanes are built in Kansas City but sadly . . . Bike/Walk promoters aren't really honest about funding or sleazy Twitter tactics that target any political opposition with vitriolic personal attacks. 

Again . . . To be fair . . . Opponents of bike lanes also tend to get carried away and use more than their fair share of nasty rhetoric as well.

Again . . .

The main goal is to keep people safe on local roads and hopefully that message isn't lost amid election season. 

Here's a note about tonight's gathering . . .

Local organizers say the city is doing better with bike lanes and protected bike lanes, but they say there needs to be more along streets like 63rd Street. They say drivers are getting impatient with cyclists daily.

The Ride of Silence is scheduled for Wednesday and starts near 63rd and Brookside. Organizers encourage riders to park on side streets, not in business parking lots and show up around 6:30 p.m.

They plan to read the names of 100 riders who have died while riding their bikes in the Kansas City area.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Over 20 countries participating in Ride of Silence to remember those killed in bike crashes

Wednesday night is the international Ride of Silence. A night where more than 20 countries will participate in a bike ride to remember those killed in cycle-related crashes. Here in Kansas City, one group says that's especially important here."A lot of bicycle deaths.