Kansas City AirBnB Crackdown Coming Soon

Here's a peek at Kansas City reassurances and promises of phone line access to NARC ON NEIGHBORS using homes as a de facto hotel space . . . In theory, it's a great move . . . Just be prepared to spend a lot of time on hold. 

Check-it . . .

The city created codes within the 311 system to better report any issues with rentals.

"In the past we havent had a great way to report short-term rentals," Forest Decker, the KCMO Neighborhood Services director said. "There will be going forward."

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Kansas City prepares for short-term rental enforcement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Registration enforcement for the more than 1,000 illegally operating short-term rentals in Kansas City, Missouri, is coming in less than a month. The KCMO City Council approved two ordinances in early May, establishing the registration process and giving the neighborhood services department control over enforcement.