Kansas City 911 Is A Joke: Mayor's Complaint Sparks TKC Reader Criticism

We talked about this early in the week but there we so many comments and e-mails that we wanted to revisit the subject.

Here's a sentiment that stood out . . . 

"911 is not just for cops, but also for an ambulance, or fire department. Ever since Quinton Lucas became mayor there has been a steady decline in ALL public services in KCMO. I'm sorry that this is finally hitting home for him, but we're not complaining about lack of public service performance out of partisanship . . . It's funny how people who wanted the po po to be defunded also expect an immediate response when they call 911."

As always, in fairness, we share hope for a solution from city hall . . .

"Mayor Lucas says the city should look at pay increases beyond $20.50 an hour or more ways to increase job satisfaction, as the city tries to fill 26 still open 911 operator positions."

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Five minutes waiting for 911 to answer, KC mayor's family experiences growing problem

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You call 911 and you expect someone to answer the call on the other end.But increasingly 911 callers are finding themselves on hold waiting for anyone to answer the call. Mayor Quinton Lucas says his sister waited five minutes with his mother incapacitated.