Kansas 'Bible Ban' Student Prank Sends School Board Into Panic

A solid effort sparked a bit of panic and moralistic preaching from the kind of people who show up to rural American school board meetings. 

There were haughty protestations of Biblical literalism along with angry Karens eager to exchange fierce words in public. 

All things considered . . . The move to "ban the Bible" in a Kansas school district earned the appropriate reaction . . . We only hope these soon-to-be-graduating students get some kind of extra-credit and continue their shenanigans in college . . . Wherein they will be quickly canceled as intellectual fun at the University level always seems to take a darker turn. 

Nevertheless . . . 

A bit more info about the snarky appeal . . .

"That formal request seems to be satirical in nature."

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Gardner-Edgerton School District reviewing Bible ban after student challenge

GARDNER, Kan. - The Gardner Edgerton School Board is reviewing the Holy Bible after a student in the district made a formal request.