Judge Grants Jackson Mahomes Limited Access To Buddies Amid Assault Case

Today's trial postscript as the TikTok star confronts serious charges . . .

Mahomes the lesser can talk to 3 out of four witnesses . . . More deets . . .

During a hearing Tuesday afternoon the judge reminded each witness they are not allowed to discuss the case with Mahomes.

The judge ruled Mahomes cannot have contact with the fourth witness. The prosecutor said the the witness has direct ties to the case against Mahomes. The prosecutor also told the judge that someone close to Mahomes tried to influence the fourth witness.

"However, there was at least on the night in question already an attempt by somebody in his camp, not the defendant, to influence witnesses," Megan Ahsens, Assistant District Attorney for Johnson County, said.

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Jackson Mahomes allowed contact with some witnesses in Kansas case

OLATHE, Kan. - Tuesday's bond modification hearing took place after Mahomes' attorney filed a request and asked that his client be allowed to interact with four people on the witness list who are also his friends..

Jackson Mahomes in court, judge grants modification to his bond agreement with one major exception

Jackson Mahomes is back in court Tuesday to discuss modifying his bond agreement. The 22-year-old social media influencer, and brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of battery following an incident at a Johnson County bar and restaurant in late February.

Judge denies 1 friend of Jackson Mahomes permission to talk with him, citing ties to alleged victim

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One of Jackson Mahomes' friends was denied permission to have contact with him during a bond modification hearing Tuesday in which Mahomes requested no-contact orders for four of his friends be thrown out in his aggravated sexual battery and battery case.

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