Heiress Gracie Hunt Flaunts Workout Gear

In this update . . . We notice Gracie pretending to work an influencer gig and acting like so many other online hotties showing off merch. Unfortunately, their hustle comes out of desperation and seems a bit easier to believe whilst the heiress is merely slumming.

Here's a more optimistic take . . .

"A ton goes into a Gracie Hunt workout, but you also don’t become an NFL Heiress and social media influencer by laying on the couch all day."

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Gracie Hunt's Workout Fit Will Have You Sweating

Gracie Hunt is celebrating National Foam Roller Day by showing off her workout essentials, which include essentially everything known to man. Side note: Happy National Foam Roller Day to all who celebrate! Hunt took to her Instagram Thursday to put on a clinic on how to work out and what to work out in, and it included anything and everything under the sun.