Guv Kelly's Quindaro Revenge: Black Voters MUST Support LGBT & Abortion Agenda?!?

A very important message that hasn't been explained on the record . . . So we'll just ask the question:

With her recent veto on funding for historic restoration in the Dotte . . . Is Guv Kelly sending a message to Black voters and all "POC" communities: Support LGBT & Abortion agenda OR there will be economic consequences???

Again . . . 

24 hours later we're surprised that only the Internets is asking questions whilst mainstream newsies stay quiet. 

Here's another report on the sitch . . .

Rep. Marvin Robinson's decision had consequences.

Gov. Laura Kelly axed $250,000 in the next state budget for drafting a state plan to develop the Quindaro Ruins in Kansas City, Kansas, which Robinson represents. Quindaro was a short-lived town and a station on the Underground Railroad that helped enslaved people escape to Canada. A proposal to build a landfill there in the 1980s led to an investigation of the site and the discovery of multiple buildings' foundations.

Robinson, who is Black, advocated for the site's restoration and development as a national historic landmark for several decades before he won an open House seat last year. Democratic leaders called on him to resign after he voted to override Kelly's veto of a measure banning transgender female athletes from girls' and women's sports, giving Republicans the supermajoirty they needed.

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Payback? Project funds axed after Kansas lawmaker defies governor on abortion, trans rights

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Kansas' Democratic governor vetoed state funding on Monday for a project long advocated by a Democratic lawmaker who broke ranks to override the governor's vetoes and give Republicans crucial support for laws restricting abortion and rolling back transgender rights. Apparently, Rep. Marvin Robinson's decision had consequences. Gov.