Motorists Fear Self-Driving Walmart Trucks Coming Soon To Kansas

This useful note offers a peek at how both Republicans AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY GUV KELLY gave away local roads in order to provide a testing ground for unproven tech.

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S.B. 313 then went to the governor’s desk on May 6. A week later, the bill had the governor’s signature on it. On May 13, 2022, self-driving vehicles became a real thing in Kansas. It had been three months since Walmart and its partner first broached the topic of allowing self-driving vehicles to test and operate on our roads and highways. Lots of confusion ensued over this enormous piece of legislation and a small number of hearings were even held — none of which resolved the confusion.

But self-driving vehicles were on Walmart’s wish list, and Walmart would not be denied.

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How driverless semitrucks got drivers' licenses in Kansas | Commentary

Many big businesses in America have a running legislative wish list: a series of bills designed to push more products and services out to the masses for public consumption with less oversight and overhead. For fitness empires, the list might include a bill designed to avoid basic property taxes under the guise of leveling the playing field with not-for-profits, like the YMCA.