DNA Identifies Abandoned Dead Baby Found In Kansas City Woods

This afternoon we share a tragic look at "the science" and more deets as the investigation continues . . .

Three days later, DNA from a buccal swab confirmed the woman's daughter was the dead infants mother, according to a search-warrant application for surveillance video filed May 22 by a KCPD investigator.

The woman who called polices 25-year-old daughter had told her via Facerbook Messenger on May 7 that the baby girl had died in her sleep on May 4.

The mother had messaged at least one other person about the girls death as well and told yet another witness that the 6-month-old girl had died in her sleep May 4.

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DNA links dead Kansas City, Missouri, infant found in woods to mother

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - DNA evidence helped police identify the mother of the dead 6-month-old girl found on Mother's Day weekend in a wooded area in the 4000 block of Pittman Road. Kansas City, Missouri, police responded shortly before 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, to a wooded area behind a vacant lot to investigate a reported dead body.

Kansas City police use DNA to identify mother of baby left in woods

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Detectives used DNA and believe they've identified the mother of an infant after someone found the baby's body in a wooded area near East 41st and Pittman Road earlier this month. Investigators applied for a warrant to search the lot where they located the baby's body on May 13.

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