Despite Derision From Kansas Democrats The Dotte Backs State Rep. Marvin Robinson

Again . . .

This is a discussion that progressives might want to undertake BEFORE 2024 and seems to be playing out in urban communities. 

Rep. Robinson maintains support despite voting against the Kansas Democratic Party trans agenda. 

We respect the man's work but his circumstance isn't special . . . Across the nation we're seeing sizable urban communities reject so-called "progressive values" flouted by political leadership.

Here is a local look at one of many examples . . .

"The derision from his own party may not hurt Robinson back home in one of the strongest Democratic districts in the state. Some in the Kansas City community believe Robinson was doing what he thought was best to support a long-sought project in an underserved, and often overlooked, community."

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This Kansas Democrat helped pass transgender restrictions. He still enjoys support in his district

Democratic state Rep. Marvin Robinson earned the ire of his party when he continually voted with Republicans on key issues, leading some of his colleagues to believe he sold his votes to get funding for a local project. But that may not hurt him politically.